Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tornado Tuesday - Part 3 - Frequency Increasing!

What started on June 15th, dubbed by CBC at the time as "Saskatchewan's Day Of Tornadoes" would soon turn out to be only the beginning of what is turning out to be the most active years on record for the province.
Today's Story from CBC
 Today another round of amazing footage came in as the low pressure system crossed central Saskatchewan causing tornadoes to spawn around the city of Regina. According to Global Regina, double the normal number of tornadoes have already been confirmed this year after yet another busy day today where 3 more have already been confirmed to have touched down in 3 seperate areas of today's system. This suggests that each tornadic cell may have produced multiple touchdowns which could increase the overall number. It doesn't really matter all that much the exact number of tornadoes but what does matter is that they are increasing in frequency as summer tears on. Instead of storms happening once a week as they started out in June, it is now up to two or three times a week and damage reports are also increasing. This still leaves more than a month to go in the most dangerous time of storm season in Saskatchewan. Forecast models already are showing yet another major outbreak coming up over the weekend with no relief at all in sight from Friday to at least Wednesday, somewhere on the Canadian Prairies there will be major storms and this time all high energy super cellular storms as compared to the past few days of weak low pressure mini cells.

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