Sunday, September 05, 2021

Videos from YouTube of the August 31st Damaging Hailfest and Weak Tornadoes

EDIT: Many videos have been taken down by YouTube, text remains but some of these are old broken links. 

I have gone through YouTube and made a list of all the videos with significant footage of the historic August 31, 2021 Storm the hit the city of Regina. This was the closest we have come yet to capturing the return of "Regina Cyclone 2.0" Please excuse the video thumbnails, for they are hilarious but quite fake. The footage inside the videos is real, I have reviewed it all. Each of these video shows a different angle of this epic storm.

Apocalypse of Stones in Canada! 🚨 Hailstorm struck Regina, Saskatchewan


This video shows a funnel with dust coming up of the ground which usually is enough to confirm an EF0 tornado. Tornado starts at 1:12 in the video. Travel With Costy's YouTube Channel:


Another weak funnel can be seen crossing over downtown from the CBC sky camera. Tornado / funnel starts at 0:25 in the video. Recommend slowing down the frames in the options on YouTube.

Real close to a tornado, mostly funnel. Amazing view from right under the cloud I was filming much further back on the lake. From Brandon Mazenc's YouTube channel:

Looks like another weak funnel / tornado at 4:16 on Shear WX Severe Weather Chasers YouTube channel:

Possibly the closest footage by chasers of rotation trying to turn into a tornado. Also, check out the tight funnel at 7:01 nearly a tornado right in front of them. Credit Manitoba Storm Chasers YouTube Channel:

Craig Boehm had another close view:

I can't possibly post every video on YouTube here so here is a list of videos I made which eventually be part of the movie in the making Regina Cyclone 2.0

NOTE: I kinda rushed this post due to prep for thunderstorms right after work tomorrow! Non-zero tornado risk again after 3pm.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Northwest Flow Brings a Microburst - Heatwave Incoming/Storms To Follow July 2nd

June 25th, 2021 

Watch towards the end as incoming rain send dusts into the air over downtown Regina. I was filming on the south shore of Wascana in front of the Legislature, the downtown core is the bank of lights on the right side of the horizon. A kayaker happened to have parked right there and we had a nice chat as he docked for the night. Rain was quite steady and moderate to light with no flooding seen on the way home afterwards. 

Looking ahead to July, a heat wave from California to British Columbia will eventually make its way over the mountains and onto the prairies. We are looking at July 2nd and 3rd as the next chance to see big time thunderstorms on the Canadian Prairies. 

Remember to check our Facebook Page for updates, the daily Thunderstorm Outlooks are now being updated and be sure to check the side bars (desktop version) for the auto updated images and Storm Chaser Tweets.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Early morning Storm Discussion : Tornadoes Today!

Good morning!
It is unusually dark out in Regina this morning, expecting things to clear up fast near noon with big storms to the west. Here is some early morning discussion before official things get issued:
Looking at the difference between the Hrrr and NAM Nest forecast models, the Hrrr seems to be confirming current radar and if it continues we will see much stronger storms to our west, Moose Jaw is going to be flooded (4 inches/10cm) Regina (1 inch/3cm).
Winds over 150km/hr at the Montana border will be pushing things towards us, new model runs keep suggesting tornadoes will be possible around Old Wives Lake, likely to the south and east of there after 5pm... expecting tornado watches any second..


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2021 Storms Video Playlist / Hurricane Force Blizzard Hits Regina - January 13-14, 2021

 Here is a playlist of videos from our YouTube channel from the Hurricane Force Blizzard that hit Regina, Saskatchewan on January 13 with aftermath video from the 14th, 2021.

"Heavy rain, freezing rain and well above normal temperatures began an historic day for the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Wind speeds over 140km/hr were recorded just south of the city. Sustained winds over 94km/hr lasted about 3 hours 11pm to 2am. Widespread damage is being reported and cleanup is now underway. I went out for a couple walks during the storm and caught a few snow-nadoes and a lot of wild and scary winds!"