Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Saskatchewan Road Conditions

With already several snow storms affecting southern Saskatchewan in November, today the temperature got up to +3 degrees Celsius. It was a nice break and some of the snow packed roads began to melt but only just enough to prepare the ground for another thick layer. Wind warnings have just been issued for the City of Regina as gust of up to 90km/hr will sweep over the city as another heavy band of precipitation dumps over us once again. It was a weekly event in November and December seems to be bringing much of the same. Please stay safe when walking the icy side walks and use extreme caution on city side roads. Main routes are relatively clear except during snowfall. If planning to risk it and try out the deadly Saskatchewan winter highways, please check with the Highway Hotline first. They have a great interactive map of Saskatchewan highways updated in real time, available for mobile as well as desktop.

Saskatchewan Highway Hotline Links:

Map Report of Road Conditions (High Bandwidth)

Photo courtesy of Saskatoon's The Bull Radio Station and the Mark Michaels Show from Highway #2 this afternoon!