Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slight Risk Today - Last Map Of 2013

12:30am Update:

Snip of the current Echo Tops shows a giant storm over south east Saskatchewan, moving north east very quickly and still growing! 

11pm Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Big storm moving north from Montana might be knocking the power out for Weyburn/Estevan areas overnight. Just saw a 83mph wind reports from NWS in Dawson County. Other high wind reports of 74 to 67mph wind gusts over the past 2 hours. That is extremely high! Echo tops are showing this a very powerful storm heading north east into south east Saskatchewan at the moment. Get your candles and flash lights ready if you are in that area!"

This situation is currently developing into what should be the last major thunderstorm event of the year on the Canadian Prairies. This will be mainly a rain event for south east Saskatchewan into southern Manitoba with the strongest storms happening just south of the US border on Wednesday afternoon. The risk for severe weather is only slight but it is worth keeping an eye on the weather and staying prepared.