Monday, December 03, 2007


The online police scanner has found a new home and will be operational by Friday. With the coming super storm the deadline is being rushed ahead of schedule. It might be sooner.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's Forecast

Saskatoon is now sitting under some increasing clouds with a temperature of 30 C. 58% humidity and a dewpoint of 21 C. The wind is west at 11km/hr. It could be a day to watch the weather as we do have a forecast of severe thunderstorms and at the same time, is focusing of the eastern part of Saskatchewan for tornadoes later today...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Check back in August!

Just to let everyone know... I will not be doing any storm chasing
this year. The month of July has convinced me that I have lost the
battle for my computer and my house. I simply must work independently
towards next year and the years ahead. Lots of people still think I
can chase storms but I have music videos to produce, graphic designs
to work on, web-sites to build, groceries to stock and most
importantly, families to build. The weather will always be there and
it is not getting any hotter than it ever was. There is nothing to
worry about. I bet there will be a big storm tomorrow or tonight
somewhere but it really doesn't matter that much. Eat some spicy food,
stay out of the water and avoid heat stroke. Keep moving and be happy.
People that drive gas powered vehicles are bordering on breaking
environmental laws. Get a bike and ride it. In the city you can get
places just as fast or faster. The biggest storms will always be
outside of the cities. We are all very lucky. Thank God.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Saskatoon's Thunderstorm Video Today...

The mosquitoes are worse than the storms in Saskatoon while everywhere else get damaging and dangerous tornadic severe weather! Moose Jaw got golf ball size hail today as we get ripped off once again. Still not even one thunderstorm for the city unless you count our heavy rain/flood. I have only seen a few non-severe lightning flashes all year. Here is the video I took anyhoo, you can clearly see on the radar shot that the storm splits around the city again...

Jared Mysko
see the flash version on my site:

Friday, June 29, 2007

Tornado Watch

I am currently monitoring a situation in south-west Saskatchewan that most likely will bring Saskatoon some real thunderstorm action later tonight. A tornado watch has been issued with a severe thunderstorm warning for Maple Creek and Cypress Hills. Storms are moving very fast at 50km/hr in a north-east direction. Golf ball size hail and 100km/hr wind gusts have been reported with these storms. Large thunderstorms are now hitting heights of 45 000 feet along the Alberta/Saskatchewan from Llyodminister to the US border. The most dangerous storms will be coming from the Swift Current region towards Saskatoon. Environment Canada has a forecast for these storms to arrive by midnight in Saskatoon.

Jared Mysko
Home of the famous Canadian Prairie Storms Forecast Network

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Break time...

"Huge Manitoba Tornado" - keyword of the day/month/year

There is a few more tornado videos being posted on the Internet and the main one is being spammed and distorted around like nothing else on Earth at this time. The weather looks calm for today. My manager pretty much took over today and I had to leave the house so I guess she wants me to rest from working on the computer. I had to post one more video that I just found...

Thats it. I'm done until the next storm or whatever I see that needs to be posted. My appologies for the crappy web design on the features page. I was tired and getting frustrated with the css and javascript. I will fix it later.



Monday, June 25, 2007

Western Manitoba

There is a supercell over eastern Manitoba at this time. Many severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued including the surrounding area of Winnipeg. Our little storms fizzled around the city already so I'm calling it a night...

Manitoba Tornado Events

I have put together a little page dedicated to the last few days of storms across the Canadian prairies. My forecast videos and the tornado videos from Manitoba are now bunched together on the features page. More is being added as it comes in. Some exclusive pictures are on the Yahoo! group so join up. Its free and was the first to break the story of the monster tornado video by Reed Timmer and Dave Holder of This story has gone around the globe from the BBC to CNN and many others. No doubt some of the most incredible tornado footage ever in Canada.

More rain for Saskatoon at this hour but clouds are convecting so downpours are possible. There are Severe Thunderstorm Watches in Alberta and Manitoba. It is unlikely that there is enough heat to cause any ugly twisters like what we have all seen on TV and YouTube. It does look like an inland cyclone on radar so watch out for dumps of hail or sleet. It feels cold enough here in Saskatoon.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Look at that tornado!

I found some incredible tornado footage from yesterday in Manitoba on youtube. I have posted the best on my site:

Today we have tornado watches all over southern Saskatchewan at this time. Also, the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre has issued a HIGH RISK for parts of south-east Saskatchewan. It is going to be a long day....


Monday, June 11, 2007

Update: 4pm Thunderstorm Action in Saskatchewan

Rotating cell heading towards Saskatoon...
There are several big thunderstorms in south-east
Saskatchewan at this hour. An unwarned cell is
rotating its way across the Alberta border at this
time. This may need some attention...meanwhile
Yorkton is about to get nailed by a major storm.

Forecast video: 3pm


Maps: 2pm

Tornado Potential Today

The early morning forecast mentions that severe thunderstorms will develop quickly and include tornadoes in some areas. Eastern Saskatchewan is targeted as the danger area today, however at this time the only storm on radar is growing east of Red Deer, Alberta and clear skies dominate southern Saskatchewan. The rain is letting up in Saskatoon as the clouds move north-east away from us. The early spot to watch is likely between Lloydminister and Stettler, Alberta. Some cells are emerging over Rocky Mountain House and Swan Hills, Alberta as well. There appears to be some fog on radar just west of Regina and that could be the most dangerous area to watch for later this afternoon. Conditions are good for very big storms to develop today and tornadoes will be out there somewhere. Storm energy is highest in south-east Saskatchewan and it is not likely that Saskatoon will get any storms but with dangerous weather around, anything is possible. Once day-time heating kicks in, storms will convect quickly and may move in unpredictable patterns. Yesterdays cells looked nearly stationary in Alberta and that could be an indication of things to come for today. Expect stationary cells to be a bit further east into western Saskatchewan today. Extreme parts of southern Manitoba are at great risk where heating is stronger than in Alberta. Wind shear is not great so super-storms are not expected to emerge. Updates will be plentiful today to the web-site and blog. Don't forget to chaeck the group on Yahoo for chase/observation reports...

Jared Mysko

Sunday, June 10, 2007


There are some seriously crazy looking cells all over the Canadian Prairies this evening. No major cities are threatened at this time but there is more than one stationary type thunderstorms out there. Those are the worst kind. The biggest one is just hovering around the SASK/MAN border in south-east Saskatchewan. Heavy downpours and large hail are being reported. The other much smaller cells are in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan. They do not appear to be moving which mean they are rotating like crazy at ground level. The Earth does not stop rotating so a patch of cloud that is stuck to the ground must be rotating. The tops are not very big but this is a very dangerous situation. It is very cool here in Saskatoon and seems very stable. Once the sun sets however, these things are going to take-off. WATCH THIS WEATHER!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Forecast change

Environment Canada has suddenly changed the forecast for today in Saskatoon at 12:25pm. Thunderstorms are now a possibility. I have to get off the computer so the map may be late... these thunderstorms are expected to be weak but Canadian Prairie Storms Yahoo group will be on top of it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Jared Mysko

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tornado in Alberta Today

My video forcast is not working on blogger so check it out on my site:

There was a tornado warning briefly this afternoon for areas just south of Edmonton and watches are up for most of central Alberta and areas around Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Clouds are still building and converging so there could still be a lot of severe weather to come. Heavy rains behind the main system may bring some flooding so this is one serious weather day to keep an eye on for sure.

Jared Mysko

Today's forecast

Now that the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs are pretty much over with, we can all get back into reality with the weather. Something is brewing in the Rocky Mountains and its not Columbian or Jamaican. This has nothing to do with coffee, or does it? I know one thing for sure. It is getting so hot and muggy here in Saskatoon that I am going to have to switch over to slurpees before noon. That is a sure sign of summer. It is very sunny here but clouds are beginning to emerge out of this moist mixture. Not much wind shear here but around the extreme south of Saskatchewan and Alberta, there could be some big storms later today. Most thunderstorms will stay close to the mountains though despite the fact that we have had four days warning of possible thunderstorms for Saskatoon. Now that the day has arrived the forecast has magically changed to sunny skies. I'm going to keep one or of my Firefox tabs open to the weather today either way. I bet someone somewhere will see something. They always do! Thanks for participating in the human race!

Don't forget to criticize my forecast map, its back again but like most things, it needs some work...

Jared Mysko

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weather Forecast: Severe ?

Taking a look at the radar at 1:30pm SST (Saskatchewan Standard Time), it looks like we may have some thunderstorms emerging from Davidson to Kindersley, moving south-east. Saskatoon had some light rain and it looks like we are going to miss the strongest cells. Nothing to be worried about. These storms look a bit disorganized and there is not enough energy to really get going. Wind is not strong enough to support major storms. Its a good time to practice up my 3-D modeling and maybe I will sing a song or two for fun.

Jared Mysko
(still making news however bland it is)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Map in 3-D

I've added the new Canadian Prairie Thunderstorm Map to a Google Sketch-up project and converted it into a flash video on YouTube and MySpace and others today. This as many other things are, is a work in progress. The map itself looks pretty good for now but the Sketch-up file needs some work. This will look better with more practice but so far it is good enough for YouTube.

As far as the forecast goes, it doesn't look like a major system coming across the prairies and it has been pretty calm around here lately. There is a risk of thunderstorms becoming severe over parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba for Monday. I'll take a closer look at this in the morning.

The weather pages have been updated with the new map as well.

Stay tooned to !

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weather Report

Well, for those of you who are professional digital photographers like me, here is a good tip. Drain your batteries! You will have a much better time when doing a large photo shoot or storm chase or video production. Be prepared! Don't leave your camera until you see a watch or warning, by then it is too late. A day or two before a big storm comes you should run down the batteries and clear off the memory card. You never know for sure when a major event is about to happen, just always be ready!

Jared Mysko

"this story has been brought to you by my cat, who will be going on YouTube in a few minutes because my batteries are dead and I can't take any new videos today!"

Good weather?

I just wanted to make a post just for the sake of wasting more pixels. Maybe today would be a good day for a bike ride. I can see some convective clouds on the radar so I would like to get a good view. Living in Caswell really is nice with very little wind but I can't see the horizon from here, thats for sure. Even if I stood on my roof (or put a cam there) it is impossible to see west of here due to the trees and the fact that we are on a down-slope. It brings back memories of 1986. June 1st was the craziest day of my life when a tornado went over our house in Lawson Heights. I still have my doubts as far as what direction it came from but Lawson Heights is very open with big parks and the river valley. I think Caswell is safer but hopefully I did not just jinx it!

Jared The Weather Worrier (hmm, my spell checker says that really is a word, lol)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Southern Manitoba

I was thinking of going for a bike ride across the river this morning but I am having another cup of coffee. Maybe I will design a new map or two this afternoon. It looks like rain and it already is so it will be more interesting to get drunk off Folgers coffee which is now on sale at Giant Tiger! I will have to take a closer look but it looks like southern Manitoba ... wait there is no watches? I need to take a closer look... brb


Monday, May 14, 2007

Saskatoon Thunderstorm Summary

Its another muggy day out there with nice looking convective clouds over the city at noon. All of our news media web-sites have posted stories about this past weekends storms. The Yahoo group was rockin with tons of stories as well. I was thinking instead of making the usual map forecast, I would try to blog and do it video style for this year. This is gonna be an interesting year for sure. - The Summer Storm Season Arrived Saturday - Weekend Storm Damages S'toon Businesses - Sask. hit by windy wet weather on weekend - Intense wind whips up city

CanadianPrairieStorms Yahoo! Group messages

...and of course here is my wide-screen video clip of the events at our house!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

सोमेथिंग गोइंग ओं?

I have been very sickly for the last couple of weeks with an extremely runny nose and choking cough. I suddenly woke up for "no reason" at 6am even though I should be tired since I was up very late. I checked he weather and email and went back to bed. Tossing and turning, I got up again and took a closer look at the weather.

The clouds look dangerous for this time of the day moving fast and with much moisture. Looking at CAP/CONUS, the wind speed is at maximum for 850 mb, instability is strong, temperatures are warm and humid. Wind is not the strongest, though but the forecast says a drop in temperatures and a south wind will change to westerly gusts of up to 60km/hr this afternoon with "rain". I predict a thunderstorm and a strong one at that. If anything, it could be an opportunity to get get some nice shots of thunderheads forming today. Maybe I'm just excited, I think I will go for a walk to a random coffee shop somewhere, most likely somewhere quiet with a view...hmmm.

I'll check back in at 11am. or maybe 10...


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Early warnings?

that is extremely strange. I posted this on Bebo, you suckers so it wouldn't get stolen again. Keep trying....

Re-post after theft:

"Tornadoes are killing people
I will be very blunt. I have been given another several prior warnings. This reminds me of the days leading up to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, times 100. Look at the tornado death numbers. May has only just begun and this has already been the worst year ever. The National Weather Service has had to update the fujita scale for this year. They have added an "E" to the scale for Extreme. So the worst type of tornado would now be referred to as an EF-5. All I can say for now, is watch the weather.


3pm update, High Risk is spitting out more deadly tornadoes in the USA... smoke em out...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Heating up!

It is starting to really warm up here in Saskatoon. The streets are still very dusty but the air is very humid above due to such a huge amount of moisture we have all around us this spring. The clouds look absolutely ready to make for some incredible low cloud shots this spring. With a forecast of upper 20s, with rain, I can't help but get excited about the coming spring thunderstorms. It is always refreshing to get a good pounding of rain to help sweep all the dust away. Trees are just starting to sprout some leaves so it may be too early for a really powerful storm.

Check my archived photos while I prepare for the coming season.

Jared Mysko

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I have no idea why they are censoring some of my best videos but they did. I recorded a quick capture video onto Youtube this afternoon which was a scientific observation on the forecast snow storm. Sorry it did not make it. I am trying to produce videos now in a different way. I will put the next one on MY server but Microsoft will not allow it to be converted to Flash so .WMV is all it can be unless I don't edit. I'm still going no matter who tries to stop me.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

, if you can even see this, thanks for watching,

Jared Mysko


While we wait for my new weather commentary video, have a look at this play list I created last night. The web-site has a ton of work to go but feel free to laugh at my latest workings. (more like but whatever, I'm not givin up that easy)

btw, the video will show up on my channel here...


Friday, February 02, 2007

Windchill in Saskatoon -41 C

It is very cold outside. Time to put on a sweater or two. -28 C with a -41 C windchill. Mmmmmm.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Saskatoon blizzard turning into a rescue operation

People are stranded in their cars and a train is stuck. People are advised not to go out unless you are rescue personelle. It is unknown how much snow has fallen but it is still snowing and blowing hard. More updates as they come in. The live scanner feed is up and very popular.

...rush hour traffic is still standing still at 6:20pm on University Bridge, Broadway Bridge is open. ahhh , everythings a mess...

Jared Mysko