Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weather Report

Well, for those of you who are professional digital photographers like me, here is a good tip. Drain your batteries! You will have a much better time when doing a large photo shoot or storm chase or video production. Be prepared! Don't leave your camera until you see a watch or warning, by then it is too late. A day or two before a big storm comes you should run down the batteries and clear off the memory card. You never know for sure when a major event is about to happen, just always be ready!

Jared Mysko

"this story has been brought to you by my cat, who will be going on YouTube in a few minutes because my batteries are dead and I can't take any new videos today!"

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I build a daily map of storm risk for the Canadian Prairies to accomplish two things. One, translate the complications of the meteorologists into something simple that the public can understand clearly. Two, become a buffer on social media to either raise the alarm and calm the masses depending on the level of hype.

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