Wednesday, May 09, 2007

सोमेथिंग गोइंग ओं?

I have been very sickly for the last couple of weeks with an extremely runny nose and choking cough. I suddenly woke up for "no reason" at 6am even though I should be tired since I was up very late. I checked he weather and email and went back to bed. Tossing and turning, I got up again and took a closer look at the weather.

The clouds look dangerous for this time of the day moving fast and with much moisture. Looking at CAP/CONUS, the wind speed is at maximum for 850 mb, instability is strong, temperatures are warm and humid. Wind is not the strongest, though but the forecast says a drop in temperatures and a south wind will change to westerly gusts of up to 60km/hr this afternoon with "rain". I predict a thunderstorm and a strong one at that. If anything, it could be an opportunity to get get some nice shots of thunderheads forming today. Maybe I'm just excited, I think I will go for a walk to a random coffee shop somewhere, most likely somewhere quiet with a view...hmmm.

I'll check back in at 11am. or maybe 10...


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