Monday, July 20, 2020

Timelapse of Developing Storm Cells - July 20, 2020

Expecting some non-severe thunderstorms this afternoon, I set up this timelapse at the edge of the city of Regina and then tracked back towards Wascana Creek. This is before and during the previously posted live stream at a small shelter along Wascana Creek: (6100 Brunskill Place in north west Regina). Ended up with only a few rain drops along my locations but radar clips saved on my Twitter page (@jaredmysko) show that it jumped the city again, and turned purple (60dbz) or near maximum strength just on the other side of the city.
Was fun, might do another one soon! Risk of thunderstorms until 8pm in Regina. Tomorrow the risk is in northern Alberta and its yellow, not grey like today. The really big storms will begin to cross the prairies with the increased heat this week, its gonna stay very active!