Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fluffy White Snow

Saskatoon is now getting some very big fluffy snow flakes. Check out our live skycam to see.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Freezing Cold Returns

After today's warm temperatures and maybe a dusting or two of snow, we are forecast to get back some of the cold weather that normally happens in Saskatchewan during the winter months. We should be seeing temperatures below -20 and maybe even -30 by Thursday night. So make sure you are ready as this is expected to last at least a few days.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Saskatchewan Winds

When the wind blows like this, it seems like something bigger is about to happen. It is only at sustained speeds of between 40 and 70 kilometers per hour but the weird thing is how warm it is. This is not your average February temperatures either. If you want to see some color, check this graphic out from the infared satellite from Environment Canada.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Snowfall Watch Area Expanded

The Melfort, Humboldt, and Lanigan regions have now been added to the storm watch area as radar continues to show an increase in the strength of this storm system. The wind in Saskatoon has calmed down and the temperature has increased dramatically since this morning. North Battleford has begun to recieve light snow and the bands of precipitation look like they may reach Saskatoon after all. Here's a shot from the balcony taken just a few minutes ago.

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Major Snowfall Event For East Central Saskatchewan

A powerful low pressure system which brought heavy snow in the Rocky Mountains and freezing rain to Alberta is making it's way into colder air in central Saskatchewan today. Half a foot or 15cm is forecast to drop on areas east of LaRonge and north of Yorkton. Watches and warnings have been issued by Environment Canada for these areas including Dauphin, Manitoba. The jet stream takes a strong right turn in the middle of Saskatchewan which is causing the distubance to move south and congregate over the Melfort area. Saskatoon is not expected to see much of this system but the convective clouds can be seen from the city. Please check Environment Canada for the lastest warnings. We have our skycam up as well, pointed in that general direction.


This system had weakened earlier in the day but radar now indicates that it is increasing in strength as Environment Canada expands snowfall warning areas.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Freezing Rain or Intense Snowfall?

A very large area of intense precipitation has developed over southwestern Saskatchewan this afternoon and threatens to engulf most of southern Saskatchewan this evening. Accumulation amounts are not expected to be very high but dangerous driving conditions are pretty much guaranteed. Convective elements are showing up on radar as some areas may get thunderstorm type action with this system. All major centres will be affected as the area of precipitation is hundreds of kilometres wide. Currently, freezing rain warnings are active for the Swift Current and Kindersley regions

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Video of Saskatoon Snowstorm

Saskatoon got left out of the last batch of snow but we are getting some now. Snow has been falling pretty much all day and continues at this hour. Only 2 centimetres is forecast for the city by midnight tonight but we may have already have met that mark. Traffic moved very slowly today at rush hour as the snow made the roads very slippery. We got a short video clip from around 5pm today downtown.

Click here for the video (20 seconds .WMV 2MB)

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Please take care on the roads, lots of vehicle collisions are being reported at this time.