Monday, April 29, 2013

First Severe Storm In Saskatchewan/Wascana Lake Rising

The first severe thunderstorm in Saskatchewan occurred this evening with a warning issued by Environment Canada at 6:06pm for areas of the extreme southern portions of the province, Bengough, Willow Bunch and St. Victor. It was only severe on radar for a short time and the warning was dropped at 6:53pm. Other non-severe thunderstorms crossed the southern areas of the province this afternoon and these systems will turn to snow tonight. Moosimin, Yorkton and Kamsack areas of eastern Saskatchewan are now under a snowfall warning for up to 20cm of snow by Tuesday.

"Wascana Jam"

After the longest, harshest winter on record, the snow is finally melting and Wascana Lake is rising! Starting April 26th, each day we are covering this story as it develops. Here is the playlist of a series of videos being taken around the flood zone in Regina:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is Spring Here Yet? The Birds Think So!

Since we have waited so long for spring to arrive, I decided to take some bread down to Wascana Lake and feed the birds. Only a few days ago it was rare to even see any birds around Regina but the last two days have proved they are back and populating the lake in a hurry! On Wednesday I estimated about a thousand birds on the lake and yesterday that figure easily jumped past a million. There was only one little area of birds the first day and Friday the entire lake was filled like I had never seen before. Feeding just a few birds got the entire flock to take flight in a spectacular display!

I shot a lot of video as it was such an amazing experience to stand there and watch. Look at the incredible difference two days make:

Here is Wednesday's footage:


If you go, bring lots of bread and don't worry, if you run out they won't attack. haha