Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Damaging Wind Storm Sweeps The Prairies

Winds gusted near 100km/hr today in Regina breaking off tree branches and littering the snow with pine needles and twigs. One large branch was captured as it broke off in Wascana Park which made me jump a little and freaked a squirrel right out! Some reported gusts higher at the airport and downtown but no major damage reports as yet for Regina, unlike Saskatoon which held the peak gust report with Prince Albert at 107km/hr. Semi-tractor trailer units were toppled on the highways, a window was blown out of an office building, a cell phone tower fell over and major large trees were bent or broken.

Here is a collection of tweets from the wind storm today:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thick Fog Downtown Regina, Saskatchewan at 4pm

With a major warm up this week, today steady at 8C and 93% humidity, thick fog has made highway driving very dangerous as frost accumulated on the roads and visibility is reduced. This is expected to change to heavy snow for some areas on Saturday as a big system crosses the Rocky Mountains. Snowfall warnings and advisories are now in place for much of southern BC. Saturday's latest forecast calls for temperatures to rise near 0C with light snow and gusty winds. This may be upgraded depending on the track of the storm. Stay Safe!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Iqaluit Super Blizzard Update

With a reported 141km/hr wind gust and sustained winds over 100km/hr for the last 6 hours, Environment Canada has detailed a warning for the areas affected in Canada's north eastern territory of Nunavut. They are saying the center of the storm is expected to go over the capital region of Iqaluit tonight and winds should ease overnight but then re-fire in full intensity in the morning. Power has been going on and off in the region with roofs and building being torn apart. Many residents using twitter to update the world on this incredible weather phenomenon. Not the first time they get Super Blizzards but many saying it is the most powerful in many years.

CBC As It Happens posted this video from the scene this afternoon:

You can view tweets as they come in from the search term "Iqaluit" here:

Read the current warning from Environment Canada here

Power Out In Iqaluit, Nunavut - 135km/hr Blizzard Winds Reported!

Pray for those hunkered down in Iqaluit, NU the power has gone out and they are in the middle of a super blizzard with 140km wind gusts.The forecast says its only just started in Iqaluit and these winds (120 to 140 km/hr) will last for 2 days!

Here is someone I found tweeting from the storm:

Already damage being reported via Facebook:
Next doors shed flown away! Stay safe.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow Storm Today!

Heavy blowing snow today across southern Saskatchewan. Windchill warnings for the north, winter storm warnings for the south. The snow has eased up somewhat in Regina but winds have really picked up, now gusting over 50km/hr. Super cold temperatures are to follow this weekend, windchills may be as low as -55C in northern Saskatchewan. Stay tuned! More footage being uploaded now...