Friday, June 29, 2007

Tornado Watch

I am currently monitoring a situation in south-west Saskatchewan that most likely will bring Saskatoon some real thunderstorm action later tonight. A tornado watch has been issued with a severe thunderstorm warning for Maple Creek and Cypress Hills. Storms are moving very fast at 50km/hr in a north-east direction. Golf ball size hail and 100km/hr wind gusts have been reported with these storms. Large thunderstorms are now hitting heights of 45 000 feet along the Alberta/Saskatchewan from Llyodminister to the US border. The most dangerous storms will be coming from the Swift Current region towards Saskatoon. Environment Canada has a forecast for these storms to arrive by midnight in Saskatoon.

Jared Mysko
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Break time...

"Huge Manitoba Tornado" - keyword of the day/month/year

There is a few more tornado videos being posted on the Internet and the main one is being spammed and distorted around like nothing else on Earth at this time. The weather looks calm for today. My manager pretty much took over today and I had to leave the house so I guess she wants me to rest from working on the computer. I had to post one more video that I just found...

Thats it. I'm done until the next storm or whatever I see that needs to be posted. My appologies for the crappy web design on the features page. I was tired and getting frustrated with the css and javascript. I will fix it later.



Monday, June 25, 2007

Western Manitoba

There is a supercell over eastern Manitoba at this time. Many severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued including the surrounding area of Winnipeg. Our little storms fizzled around the city already so I'm calling it a night...

Manitoba Tornado Events

I have put together a little page dedicated to the last few days of storms across the Canadian prairies. My forecast videos and the tornado videos from Manitoba are now bunched together on the features page. More is being added as it comes in. Some exclusive pictures are on the Yahoo! group so join up. Its free and was the first to break the story of the monster tornado video by Reed Timmer and Dave Holder of This story has gone around the globe from the BBC to CNN and many others. No doubt some of the most incredible tornado footage ever in Canada.

More rain for Saskatoon at this hour but clouds are convecting so downpours are possible. There are Severe Thunderstorm Watches in Alberta and Manitoba. It is unlikely that there is enough heat to cause any ugly twisters like what we have all seen on TV and YouTube. It does look like an inland cyclone on radar so watch out for dumps of hail or sleet. It feels cold enough here in Saskatoon.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Look at that tornado!

I found some incredible tornado footage from yesterday in Manitoba on youtube. I have posted the best on my site:

Today we have tornado watches all over southern Saskatchewan at this time. Also, the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre has issued a HIGH RISK for parts of south-east Saskatchewan. It is going to be a long day....


Monday, June 11, 2007

Update: 4pm Thunderstorm Action in Saskatchewan

Rotating cell heading towards Saskatoon...
There are several big thunderstorms in south-east
Saskatchewan at this hour. An unwarned cell is
rotating its way across the Alberta border at this
time. This may need some attention...meanwhile
Yorkton is about to get nailed by a major storm.

Forecast video: 3pm


Maps: 2pm

Tornado Potential Today

The early morning forecast mentions that severe thunderstorms will develop quickly and include tornadoes in some areas. Eastern Saskatchewan is targeted as the danger area today, however at this time the only storm on radar is growing east of Red Deer, Alberta and clear skies dominate southern Saskatchewan. The rain is letting up in Saskatoon as the clouds move north-east away from us. The early spot to watch is likely between Lloydminister and Stettler, Alberta. Some cells are emerging over Rocky Mountain House and Swan Hills, Alberta as well. There appears to be some fog on radar just west of Regina and that could be the most dangerous area to watch for later this afternoon. Conditions are good for very big storms to develop today and tornadoes will be out there somewhere. Storm energy is highest in south-east Saskatchewan and it is not likely that Saskatoon will get any storms but with dangerous weather around, anything is possible. Once day-time heating kicks in, storms will convect quickly and may move in unpredictable patterns. Yesterdays cells looked nearly stationary in Alberta and that could be an indication of things to come for today. Expect stationary cells to be a bit further east into western Saskatchewan today. Extreme parts of southern Manitoba are at great risk where heating is stronger than in Alberta. Wind shear is not great so super-storms are not expected to emerge. Updates will be plentiful today to the web-site and blog. Don't forget to chaeck the group on Yahoo for chase/observation reports...

Jared Mysko

Sunday, June 10, 2007


There are some seriously crazy looking cells all over the Canadian Prairies this evening. No major cities are threatened at this time but there is more than one stationary type thunderstorms out there. Those are the worst kind. The biggest one is just hovering around the SASK/MAN border in south-east Saskatchewan. Heavy downpours and large hail are being reported. The other much smaller cells are in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan. They do not appear to be moving which mean they are rotating like crazy at ground level. The Earth does not stop rotating so a patch of cloud that is stuck to the ground must be rotating. The tops are not very big but this is a very dangerous situation. It is very cool here in Saskatoon and seems very stable. Once the sun sets however, these things are going to take-off. WATCH THIS WEATHER!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Forecast change

Environment Canada has suddenly changed the forecast for today in Saskatoon at 12:25pm. Thunderstorms are now a possibility. I have to get off the computer so the map may be late... these thunderstorms are expected to be weak but Canadian Prairie Storms Yahoo group will be on top of it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Jared Mysko

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tornado in Alberta Today

My video forcast is not working on blogger so check it out on my site:

There was a tornado warning briefly this afternoon for areas just south of Edmonton and watches are up for most of central Alberta and areas around Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Clouds are still building and converging so there could still be a lot of severe weather to come. Heavy rains behind the main system may bring some flooding so this is one serious weather day to keep an eye on for sure.

Jared Mysko

Today's forecast

Now that the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs are pretty much over with, we can all get back into reality with the weather. Something is brewing in the Rocky Mountains and its not Columbian or Jamaican. This has nothing to do with coffee, or does it? I know one thing for sure. It is getting so hot and muggy here in Saskatoon that I am going to have to switch over to slurpees before noon. That is a sure sign of summer. It is very sunny here but clouds are beginning to emerge out of this moist mixture. Not much wind shear here but around the extreme south of Saskatchewan and Alberta, there could be some big storms later today. Most thunderstorms will stay close to the mountains though despite the fact that we have had four days warning of possible thunderstorms for Saskatoon. Now that the day has arrived the forecast has magically changed to sunny skies. I'm going to keep one or of my Firefox tabs open to the weather today either way. I bet someone somewhere will see something. They always do! Thanks for participating in the human race!

Don't forget to criticize my forecast map, its back again but like most things, it needs some work...

Jared Mysko

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weather Forecast: Severe ?

Taking a look at the radar at 1:30pm SST (Saskatchewan Standard Time), it looks like we may have some thunderstorms emerging from Davidson to Kindersley, moving south-east. Saskatoon had some light rain and it looks like we are going to miss the strongest cells. Nothing to be worried about. These storms look a bit disorganized and there is not enough energy to really get going. Wind is not strong enough to support major storms. Its a good time to practice up my 3-D modeling and maybe I will sing a song or two for fun.

Jared Mysko
(still making news however bland it is)