Monday, June 25, 2007

Manitoba Tornado Events

I have put together a little page dedicated to the last few days of storms across the Canadian prairies. My forecast videos and the tornado videos from Manitoba are now bunched together on the features page. More is being added as it comes in. Some exclusive pictures are on the Yahoo! group so join up. Its free and was the first to break the story of the monster tornado video by Reed Timmer and Dave Holder of This story has gone around the globe from the BBC to CNN and many others. No doubt some of the most incredible tornado footage ever in Canada.

More rain for Saskatoon at this hour but clouds are convecting so downpours are possible. There are Severe Thunderstorm Watches in Alberta and Manitoba. It is unlikely that there is enough heat to cause any ugly twisters like what we have all seen on TV and YouTube. It does look like an inland cyclone on radar so watch out for dumps of hail or sleet. It feels cold enough here in Saskatoon.


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