Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today's forecast

Now that the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs are pretty much over with, we can all get back into reality with the weather. Something is brewing in the Rocky Mountains and its not Columbian or Jamaican. This has nothing to do with coffee, or does it? I know one thing for sure. It is getting so hot and muggy here in Saskatoon that I am going to have to switch over to slurpees before noon. That is a sure sign of summer. It is very sunny here but clouds are beginning to emerge out of this moist mixture. Not much wind shear here but around the extreme south of Saskatchewan and Alberta, there could be some big storms later today. Most thunderstorms will stay close to the mountains though despite the fact that we have had four days warning of possible thunderstorms for Saskatoon. Now that the day has arrived the forecast has magically changed to sunny skies. I'm going to keep one or of my Firefox tabs open to the weather today either way. I bet someone somewhere will see something. They always do! Thanks for participating in the human race!

Don't forget to criticize my forecast map, its back again but like most things, it needs some work...


Jared Mysko

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