Monday, June 11, 2007

Tornado Potential Today

The early morning forecast mentions that severe thunderstorms will develop quickly and include tornadoes in some areas. Eastern Saskatchewan is targeted as the danger area today, however at this time the only storm on radar is growing east of Red Deer, Alberta and clear skies dominate southern Saskatchewan. The rain is letting up in Saskatoon as the clouds move north-east away from us. The early spot to watch is likely between Lloydminister and Stettler, Alberta. Some cells are emerging over Rocky Mountain House and Swan Hills, Alberta as well. There appears to be some fog on radar just west of Regina and that could be the most dangerous area to watch for later this afternoon. Conditions are good for very big storms to develop today and tornadoes will be out there somewhere. Storm energy is highest in south-east Saskatchewan and it is not likely that Saskatoon will get any storms but with dangerous weather around, anything is possible. Once day-time heating kicks in, storms will convect quickly and may move in unpredictable patterns. Yesterdays cells looked nearly stationary in Alberta and that could be an indication of things to come for today. Expect stationary cells to be a bit further east into western Saskatchewan today. Extreme parts of southern Manitoba are at great risk where heating is stronger than in Alberta. Wind shear is not great so super-storms are not expected to emerge. Updates will be plentiful today to the web-site and blog. Don't forget to chaeck the group on Yahoo for chase/observation reports...

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