Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good weather?

I just wanted to make a post just for the sake of wasting more pixels. Maybe today would be a good day for a bike ride. I can see some convective clouds on the radar so I would like to get a good view. Living in Caswell really is nice with very little wind but I can't see the horizon from here, thats for sure. Even if I stood on my roof (or put a cam there) it is impossible to see west of here due to the trees and the fact that we are on a down-slope. It brings back memories of 1986. June 1st was the craziest day of my life when a tornado went over our house in Lawson Heights. I still have my doubts as far as what direction it came from but Lawson Heights is very open with big parks and the river valley. I think Caswell is safer but hopefully I did not just jinx it!

Jared The Weather Worrier (hmm, my spell checker says that really is a word, lol)

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