Monday, July 23, 2007

Check back in August!

Just to let everyone know... I will not be doing any storm chasing
this year. The month of July has convinced me that I have lost the
battle for my computer and my house. I simply must work independently
towards next year and the years ahead. Lots of people still think I
can chase storms but I have music videos to produce, graphic designs
to work on, web-sites to build, groceries to stock and most
importantly, families to build. The weather will always be there and
it is not getting any hotter than it ever was. There is nothing to
worry about. I bet there will be a big storm tomorrow or tonight
somewhere but it really doesn't matter that much. Eat some spicy food,
stay out of the water and avoid heat stroke. Keep moving and be happy.
People that drive gas powered vehicles are bordering on breaking
environmental laws. Get a bike and ride it. In the city you can get
places just as fast or faster. The biggest storms will always be
outside of the cities. We are all very lucky. Thank God.


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