Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today's Risk Map - Long Term Outlook

There is a chance of severe thunderstorms today, especially in western Saskatchewan, however these storms are not expected to be very strong or long lasting. Hail and heavy rain with flash flooding will be the main feature with a very slight risk of tornadoes.

On Sunday this system shifts south east into southern Manitoba and the same type of scenario is expected there. Monday it starts back in Alberta again and gains energy as it crosses the prairies Tuesday and Wednesday.

A very intense low pressure system suddenly appears over central Saskatchewan on Friday August 3rd which is expected to be another tornado outbreak and this time as and inland cyclone. High winds with extreme spinning action over south east Saskatchewan will certainly be a cause for concern. This low will cover most of the province and it is too early to be sure of what will happen but its always good to know these things well in advance. Non the less, it will be one of the most active weeks this year for severe weather. Expect the unexpected as historically some of the most damaging thunderstorms have hit this time of year.


Unknown said...

I hope you are going to be out this Friday! Thanks for your great information, it is much appreciated!!

Mike said...

Do you create severe weather risk maps for Manitoba, might need one tomorrow. By the way Great Job with the blog posts, keep it up!