Monday, July 02, 2012

Tomorrow At 3pm - Forecast Model/Mapped Target

Have a look at the EHI for tomorrow at 3pm. Tornadoes should start to touchdown sometime between 3pm and 7pm as this and the CAPE both fizzle on the forecast model. Best chance to see a tornado will be between Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, again very much like last week. Only this time, conditions have increased in energy and potential for what will likely be stronger, longer track tornadoes, starting from the south, earlier in the day. The forecast high for Regina tomorrow is 30C. The magical trigger point is 29C so that with a very strong jet stream and low pressure system and winds aloft also near maximum levels, oh and need I mention the moisture? Smells like the perfect soup to me. :)

Check the most current forecast and warnings, be prepared, stay safe and keep up to date with our storm chasers list on twitter. Its going to be another memorable day, on


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