Friday, July 06, 2012

3 New Videos!

Since it seems that things often tend to come in threes, here is the yet unseen footage of the 3 days before the tornado. From Cypress Hills, Alberta and our encounter with high winds, fog and antelope, to the supercell of Oyen to core punching Kindersley. Then off to Saskatoon and chasing Tuesday morning from Deifenbaker Lake and the beginning of the tornadic supercell at Hodgeville, Saskatchewan.

Again, excitement is building today as Tornado Tuesday, part 3 is becoming a reality. Forecast models are suggesting another outbreak of severe weather over Saskatchewan for the 3rd Tuesday in a row! So far we are two for two on Tuesdays as this past week Greg Johnson and company caught the tornado near Deifenbaker Lake on his live stream at 

Check out my partner Gunjan Shadow Hunter's YouTube channel as he continues to upload incredible footage from all of these chase days with spectacular timelapse photography set to awe inspiring musical scores!

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