Saturday, June 23, 2012

Storm Chase - Sunday threw Tuesday

I've made the map up for the next 3 days since I won't have a chance to work on the home pc. Storm chasers are all heading towards southern Alberta for Sunday's start of a 3 day storm chasing jamboree! This one will be especially awesome since I get to try out the new BlackBerry PlayBook and stream parts of the chase LIVE on ustream! I'll post the link once its up, here is our forecast and rough guide to where and when its all going to happen:


Unknown said...

You might have to Expand the Moderate risk area to the foothills, The NAM forecast model is trying to push in Higher Cape and Moisture values into the Foothills of alberta.

Jared Mysko said...

Thanks for the update but I am now mobile so the map is set in stone lol, we will have to update stuff here by text so keep the comments coming on this post.

Unknown said...

Dewpoints in Alberta are already in the 12 - 15 degree range.