Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Album options ▾ June 23 to 26 - Epic Storm Tour (slideshow)

Beginning in Saskatoon with a riverboat cruise. Then off to Cypress Hills to wait for storms to emerge where we ran into thick fog. Southern Alberta produced nothing until midnight besides antelope and a nice sunset. Things took off earlier on Monday as we chased the first big supercell through the Badlands of Alberta with intercept south of Oyen. Following it back to Saskatoon, we got to core punch west of Kindersley, confirming golf ball size hail. The next day went completely as planned with 3 major thunderstorms including the tornadic supercell at Hodgeville starting after 3pm. A squall line and once in a lifetime type mammatus cloud formations just west of Regina to get me home!

All this from    the Blackberry Playbook, now to go through everything on the main camera, LOL! Timelapse works and a full length  HD video still to come!

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