Saturday, June 09, 2012

On Target - Manitoba Tornado Safety

For a good week now we have been looking forward to Saturday for an outbreak of severe weather. However over confident, this will be my first chase of the year. My team is on their way to Regina and by morning we expect to be on route to southern Manitoba. Currently conditions seem to point towards a start point of south western Manitoba around noon and move towards Winnipeg by evening. The tornado risk is not great but is present. Large hail, high wind gusts and intense lightning will be the main risks, with honourable mentions to swarms of mosquitoes and inattentive drivers. There is a very high chance of great photography, cool winds and hot sunshine. The temperature gradient, strong south winds and presence of moisture in the ground and in the air makes for a fabulous combination that can cook up some very entertaining storm clouds.

In the event of giant sized monster beast type tornadopoliptic twister funnelling cyclones, take immediate tornado emergency precautions. If your ears pop, lightning intensifies exponentially, wind goes calm suddenly:

Note: These rules apply from generations handed down over the years of living on the farm. City people could learn a thing or two from this list. (from the only kid born in a city lol)

  1. If you have time, secure all possible flying debris, bring in lawn furniture, equipment such as rakes, hockey sticks, potted plants, bikes. Put all major livestock in the barn such as cows and horses. Dogs go in the house, cats stay outside. 
  2. Close all windows
  3. Lock and secure all doors, inside and out. Every bedroom, every closet, shut all doors.
  4. Put on a helmet
  5. Lie down in the tub (no running water during lightning) 
  6. Get to the safest room in the house (no windows, basement under stairs or inner most room)
  7. Hold onto something solid.
  8. Pray to God.
  9. Remember everything will be fine even when it looks like it will not.
  10. When on a highway driving, do not use overpasses as shelter! Stay on paved roads, keep steady, safe movement. Avoid grid/clay/mud roads. Time your travel with the weather radar if possible so as to avoid the core of severe thunderstorms. Do not impede traffic. Keep vehicle in a garage or underground parking lot during hail storms. 

If you have more to add to the list or just want to make a comment, please do so below.

Jared Mysko - New Storm Gear
Last year's first chase:

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Unknown said...

It is important to secure all the objects that might fly away because these might turn into projectiles when the tornado comes along. This is dangerous because tornadoes are capable of generating incredible wind speed; this can turn anything into a deadly flying object capable of hurting a person badly.