Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chase Day Today

PSPC is confirming our mapped out risk area. They are saying south of the Yellowhead highway will be the main risk area on Tuesday. Talk in the storm chasing community is pretty much settled on the Regina area as the focus for Tuesday. Prairie Storm Prediction Centre also says is will be a dangerous situation. As for today, my chase team is getting ready to head out in the Shadow Hunter. We want to target the Maple Creek to Medicine Hat areas for this afternoon. We are not expecting too much, however we must take some time to test equipment and communications before the big show starts tonight and into Monday. Please refer to the previous post for the general risk area and we will post as we go, photos and current conditions. Feel free to discuss on the twitter list, Facebook group and commenting on this page. Links are in the side bar further down on this page. The live chase link will show the location of other chasers on the map.

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