Thursday, June 30, 2011

Storm Chasing In Manitoba Today - Sweet Lightning Shot Over Moosimin

Gunjan and I headed out early yesterday straight east into the middle
of boiling soup of weather in south east Saskatchewan and waited all
day for the cap to break. After waiting in Grenfell for most of the
afternoon we moved on to Broadview and sat there for the evening.
Finally at 11:30pm the show got us going. Lightning intensified slowly
at first but soon the power began to flicker off at the Hotel lounge
where we waited. Shelf clouds were visible as we got on the highway as
sudden wind gusts made it clear that we had to move east. We found a
clearing and pulled over and took some video and photos of the storm
that was actually chasing us down. We did this a few times until
finding a rest stop on the Manitoba side of the border. The storm on
radar was most intense when it crossed the highway over Moosimin and
since it was moving at 70 km/hr north east, it was time to abandon the
chase and rest up for the next day.

Today, the forecast says large hail is the main threat if the cap
breaks, hopefully earlier today maybe around 6pm(CST) 5pm(SST). There
is a small probability of one or two tornadoes. Hope I've got the
times right but so far its been a very fun adventure. Met a lady that
showed me photos of turtles in the area which she promised to send me.
Much more stories to tell and videos will be posted later. We are
targeting south of Winnipeg somewhere close to the Manitoba/MN/ND

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