Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forecast - 6am June 28, 2011

I really doubt there will be any significant thunderstorms or tornado-fests over the next 3 days but some storm chasers sure are trying to make a big deal out of this. There is no deep low, no steep gradient, very little wind shear, only hot temperatures and extreme humidity. Of course, considering that I am always wrong, watch the forecast magically change. Current conditions never lie though. Its all clear on the prairies for as far as the eye can see. -Jared @ 6am June 28, 2011

UPDATE: Okay, I lied. According to this wind shear map, we are on the extreme side of shear. I should study a bit more about how they calculate shear, back to school for me.

"Vertical wind shear is the second critical factor in the determination of thunderstorm type and potential storm severity. Vertical shear, or the change of winds with height, interacts dynamically with thunderstorms to either enhance or diminish vertical draft strengths."

Source: University of Illinios

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Jared Mysko said...

Also, we are well past the peak of the moon phase. In fact, Friday July 1st, Canada Day is the new moon. The very bottom of the cycle. Low tides but no extreme air pressure changes. So what's the big deal?