Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Storm Chasers Convergence - Something Brewing...

It was an almost ominously giddy get together for some of us, the first time meeting up with fellow weather enthusiasts this evening at Regina's Brewster's restaurant. Under clear skies and hot humid air moving in, about 15 or so members of Canadian Prairie Storm Chasers exchanged stories and forecast predictions while severe thunderstorms began to creep across the international border. Warnings are still up for south western Saskatchewan and since night fall a massive cell has continued to grow towards us. With a forecast high of 32C in Regina tomorrow, plans are for many of us to meet up early tomorrow and exchange thoughts before going out to chase down some tornadoes in southern Saskatchewan. The set up seems all too perfect for an outbreak of significant storms in the area, possibly further east and into Manitoba. Truly high time in the season for tornadic thunderstorms to occur which mainly runs on the Canadian Prairies from June to August. The peak of the season being the first two weeks in July. It is exciting and a bit scary to think what the next couple of days may hold. Safety and relaying relevant information will be our top priority as storm spotters and emergency relay operators.

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