Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nice Looking Waterspout In Manitoba Today.

Incorrectly being reported as a tornado, this is a beautiful waterspout. See Weather Glossary below.

A waterspout was photographed today over Interlakes in southern Manitoba. At no point was it over land so this is a confirmed waterspout.

Environment Canada's Weather Glossary:
"A waterspout is a rotating column of vapour and water which extends from thundercloud to the water's surface. A waterspout looks like a tornado but is much smaller and weaker. The diameter of a waterspout ranges from seven to 20 metres and its winds from 40 to 80 kilometres per hour which is strong enough to flip a boat. A waterspout may last up to 10 minutes. Waterspouts, for the most part, form over some of the major lakes of southern Canada during periods of cool, unsettled weather, usually from mid-summer to mid-fall."

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