Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16, 2015 - Severe Thunderstorm Hits Regina [Four Videos]

A very busy day around the province of Saskatchewan started with juicy forecasts and lots of anticipation.

Just after noon as the hot sunshine peaked, southern gulf stream appeared and the cold front began to threaten, storms started to fire off, all across central Saskatchewan. With temperatures of only +8C in Cypress Hills and +15C in Kindersley, the heat wave finally met its match, knocking down weeks long 30 degree days. From northern Saskatchewan which collected large piles of small hail, supercells quickly filtered south. Warman was first with nearly 1 inch or toonie size hail. Then, another new set of cells formed further south with Davidson reporting gold ball size hail. Between 2 and 3pm, the entire province filled out with clusters of supercells. Two were seen east of Regina as captured in our timelapse video. Then just as things seemed to clear out, the weather radio blared out an alert and a sudden storm cell popped up right over the city of Regina.  Luckily no major damages here but more storms are forecast again tomorrow, further east.

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