Friday, September 08, 2017

Storm Season Wrap Up/Outlook Map Slideshow

Re-posted from Facebook September 5th:

This is a slideshow of the progression of our "Severe Weather Outlook Map" this year. Starting out on May 31, you can see how we squared of the image for Facebook and massively updated the banner. June and July proved once again to be the peak months as August busted big time when a strong hurricane season became apparent. PASPC continued to make maps beyond July 31 until September 4 but it was mostly marginal storms. With extreme drought and heat in southern Saskatchewan, most of the action was confined to the Alberta foothills and central Saskatchewan this year. As another major hurricane begins to take over the news this week, we are reminded how we are all connected by the weather. Calm winds and southern heat are going to make for a second summer here in September as is often the case during very active hurricane years. Stay safe and enjoy the weather. For those who choose to move off the coast, away from the dangerous oceans, we have a lot of space and you are always welcome to move here or just visit. Thanks again for great year everyone!

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