Monday, July 18, 2016

Southern Alberta! Be Prepared Tonight... #Supercells #Tornadoes #abstorm

The BIG storms are back today! Great heat energy combined with several days of seeding rains and a strong jet stream will fire off some huge storms in southern Alberta late in the day and run east overnight, maintaining power. Potential for very large hail and long track tornadoes exists but for the most part, it will be hot and sunny all day for most areas. We don't expect storms to "break the cap" until late in the day or maybe early evening but when they do, it will get vicious! Overnight, nocturnals will grow and cruise east into Saskatchewan setting up an even more powerful set up on Tuesday. Tuesday night into Wednesday the strongest of this system will show its teeth over eastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba. This is a system to take very seriously. Charge you devices and set your weather radio to ALERT. Here is the current risk map:

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