Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More Heavy Snow Tonight For Regina!

Having vastly under estimated snowfall totals this morning, it was with great enthusiasm, the snow shovel and scraper was taken to clear paths and walkways in anticipation of the big dump tonight. Between 6 and 8 cm of snow fell in a very short time early this morning and the storm system seemed to energize over the city of Regina wreaking havoc on city roads and side streets. Heavy snowfall warnings have just been issued for areas of south east Alberta as the next wave approaches. Forecast is saying 5 to 10 more cm of snow tonight with yet another 2 to 4 cm on Thursday. All this snow will be followed by much needed above normal temperatures for the first time in many weeks.

So get your shovels out and enjoy the warm temperatures, winter's grip is finally falling apart and we all badly need the snow shoveling therapy after the coldest winter in history has kept us huddled inside and attempted to challenge our pride!

We will succeed and the snow will melt, lets help it out straight to the curb and into the gutter where it belongs!

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