Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PRAIRIE SNOW STORM TODAY [Skycam and ground footage videos]

Rush hour chaos as the storm began to peak in intesity at 4:30pm. This footage was shot at Victoria and Broad Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. A winter storm warning is in effect with up to 15cm of snow expected overnight with wind gusts near 70km/hr. Visibility is only a few meters within the city and travel on highways in not at all recommended with zero visibility and quickly accumulating snow drifts. Highways may in fact be shut down after sunset across southern Saskatchewan. Please check the highway hotline for the latest conditions.

UPDATE: Highway #1 is NOW CLOSED between Regina and Moose Jaw as of 5pm
(Reading reports of a crash involving a semi, ambulance and other vehicles on highway #1, stay tuned to the #skstorm feed in the right hand column for up to the second reports)



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