Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2pm Update: Pulse Storms Over Regina - Tornado Risk Dropping

As earlier predicted, storm cells have emerged over the city of Regina as of 1pm feeding from the nocturnal supercell which has since started to lose strength. These are pulse storms and only have infrequent lightning and brief downpours of rain. Much like yesterday, this system will gain strength over the afternoon and become very dangerous into the evening. The chance of tornadoes is low however the storms will become very widepspread across the southern parts of Saskatchewan. If storms back build as far as Alberta, there is a chance there of a tornado but very minisquelle. Most of the action today will be concentrated from the original cell and become stationary, shooting off back builders and heavy rain producers. This situation is being monitored very closely. Please pay attention to any warnings by Environment Canada and there will be an update here on Canadian Prairie Storms blog by or before 6pm.

Stay Safe!

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