Monday, April 17, 2006

After Easter Thoughts

Just to let everyone know, some new stuff has been added to including photos of the flood, the sunset and the changing sky. Also, the severe weather outlook map for the Canadian prairies has been recently re-built. There are a few bugs to work out and it will be vastly improved before the summer storm season really hits. Look forward to seeing more animated icons and some real juicy, highly secretive, utterly amazing, and possibly shocking features. Oh, and by the way, those photos can be found at

As for the weather today, more rain, more rain. Flooding sucks and there are plenty of people affected this spring. Thunderstorms are possible in southern areas today but updating the map is going to have to wait until later.

In the United States, the tornado reports are coming in a steady pace in 2006. If April ends up with over 300 tornado reports, then it would be my guess that May will not be nearly as busy as last year. The storms seem to be moving north faster than normal so this seems to suggest a shortened storm chasing season in the states and an earlier one in Canada. This may be a bold prediction but the month of May could bring the most tornadoes Canada has seen ever in that month. Keep in mind that will be due mostly in part to the huge and growing numbers of digital cameras out there. Hopefully we can all use this fantasic technology to understand the weather a little better, before things get really crazy.


-COD has updated their site with a Canadian section.

-Stormtrack forums are spitting out new tornado photos and chase blogs every day.

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