Monday, August 20, 2012

Severe Weather Forecast This Week - Storms On Wednesday?

As the weather continues to warm up this week, temperatures will peak at 31C on Tuesday and Wednesday in Regina with 33C in Swift Current and Moose Jaw on Tuesday. Storms currently in the central Alberta foothills should begin to develop further south and east into much of southern Alberta on Tuesday. Wednesday could be Saskatchewan's turn to see thunderstorms, possibly severe, tornadic unlikely. It should clear out Thursday while maintaining temperatures in the high 20s giving another peak, then big drop in heat on Friday night when the chance of stronger storms is likely in parts of southern Saskatchewan. We will monitor this situation as it develops. It has been a very calm August thus far in Saskatchewan and that could change since no hurricanes or tropical storms have taken off yet in the Atlantic and storms in the southern states are dissipating. Its gotta storm somewhere!

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