Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exciting Forecast

Please press play on the youtube video below for increased dramatic effect:

Here is my official prediction for this weeks weather: Hurricane Isaac will suffer an instantly fatal blow as soon as it touches the burnt up southern states. The humidity and winds of the gulf stream will fly north, magnetically connecting with the Saskatchewan wetlands. Super boiling hot air will explode out of eastern Saskatchewan, from Flin Flon to South Dakota and Minnesota. Godzilla himself will rise up out of Brandon and eat Winnipeg for an appetizer rip across the great lakes states and take a big shit on southern Ontario and Quebec. This will all occur over the next 5 days whilst I dust out my computer. At least that's what the models told me. :) Please do not take this forecast as fact, I just wanted to make it sound exciting! (Slight risk tomorrow lol)

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