Friday, June 19, 2015

Storm Chasing Action via Mountain Bike!

Regina, Saskatchewan

June 19, 2015

5:50pm to 6:30pm

Began to see nice structure by the stadium construction site. At Dewdey and Lewvan Drive, I decided I had gone far enough as a rain and hail shaft began to appear! Initially, radar had indicated that it was moving slowly south east (15km/hr), making for an easy chase by bike. But suddenly, the line of cells began to wrap around and the south end rapidly flew across the city (after analysis at home, calculated it clocked up to 60km/hr and became tornado warned just 70km east of the city). Rode the storm home in 20 minutes via mountain bike! Some footage shot in action as i strapped the camera to my back and booked it towards safety! Now that's storm chasing! Pea size hail and a brief heavy downpour as I got home. Barely got wet.

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