Friday, June 12, 2015

Active Day Ahead: #SkStorm #MbStorm [Risk Map]

Areas along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border are seeing remnants of last nights nocturnals this morning and this system of rain is expected to feed strong thunderstorms further south west into southern Saskatchewan. Strong daytime heating in the south combined with high humidities and a vigorous "Gulf Stream" (Gulf of Mexico southerly winds) along the SK/MAN border will kick off very strong storms in the Yorkton region of south east Saskatchewan. Later this afternoon, storm cells will spread all the way west into the Lethbridge area of southern Alberta with a risk of becoming severe. Heavy rains including a risk of flash flooding, large hail and strong winds are to be expected in severe level cells. If in these areas of risk, remember to check Environment Canada for updated alerts and keep your weather radio close by. Stay safe!

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