Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Today's Severe Weather Outlook Map

Extreme heat and humidity this afternoon will give way to a cold front passing through central Alberta this evening, sparking extreme weather changes. Supercell thunderstorm will quickly form and become very dangerous with hail expected to surpass 1 1/2 inches or 'toonie size'. Winds associated with these storms will create a very large squall line with gusts of 100km/hr or very damaging. Tornadoes can not be ruled out as well as these cells initiate. Between the hours of 7pm and 10pm storms will be the strongest and then dissipate overnight. 

This system enters Saskatchewan on Wednesday and could affect most of the province with central areas seeing the brunt of the storms in the evening. The north eastern areas of Saskatchewan could see the most rain and the south should get the most severe wind gusts as the cold front expands in a line from Swift Current through Saskatoon and all the way up to Flin Flon. The city of Regina and areas in the south east will have to wait until late evening to see what materializes. This is expected to be a significant extreme weather event and updates will be ongoing via this blog, twitter feeds and the group on Facebook.

Please stay aware of the situation, plan accordingly and heed all Environment Canada warnings. File reports to Environment Canada including date, time, location and photo and video evidence with safety in mind first in order to accurately inform the public of the developing situation. See email, phone number and links below:



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