Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Next Big One: Winter Storm "Nemo"

As the northern wing of "Winter Storm Nemo" hits Regina, Saskatchewan, one forecast model is suggesting up to 60 inches of snow for Boston beginning on Friday! So far, "Winter Storm Nemo" has dumped nearly 3 flakes of snow in Regina, much less than the originally forecast 2 to 6 cm. Seriously though, radar indicates that a few more flake will fall here tonight. It sounds a bit silly to be trying to warn people about an impeding disaster when The Weather Channel names the storm after a Disney character. Naming storms after Disney characters seems to be a guaranteed fail for storm enthusiasts. #Nemo Alternatively, storms could be named by way of auctioning to prospective companies and the funds collected given to residents affected. Not to replace government disaster assistance funding but to immediately lend relief #StormNamingAuction For example (with a bit of tongue and cheek): "Tropical Storm McDonald's 100% Pure Beef is going to hit but everyone gets free cheeseburgers after :D Save all of that for the next storm because this is a serious situation setting up for the east coast Friday and Saturday. One model suggests 50 inches of snow for Boston and anywhere between Toronto, Montreal and Boston will see this massive system come together. The Alberta clipper currently over southern Saskatchewan is expected to merge with another system from the south to drop record amounts of snow over Michigan, southern Ontario, Quebec, New England and New Brunswick. The city of New York and parts south should miss the bulk of snowfall as precipitation turns to rain. Naming this winter storm "Nemo" has certainly got people talking about it, which is a good thing, however it may change the way we think of poor little Nemo forever, some may wish they never did find Nemo. :p Jared Mysko

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