Monday, February 25, 2013

Oklahoma Blizzard/SK Ski Bike Jump

Heavy snow and high winds are causing blizzard conditions in areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas today as a major winter storm deposits large amounts of moisture over the southern plain states. On Sunday Temperatures dropped from the 50s F down below freezing and into the 20s F shocking residents there. Amarillo, Texas reports 19 inches of snow on the ground. A state of emergency has been declared in 56 counties of Oklahoma as the system moves into southern Kansas. Blizzard warnings stretch across the Texas panhandle, north west Oklahoma, south central Kansas, and winter storm warnings are now up for most of Missouri, eastern Iowa and north western Illinois.

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EXTREME blizzard footage from the Dominator 2 plowing roads and standing in 5 foot snow drifts near Woodward! 14-16" at least already!"

Meanwhile in Saskatchewan, people are enjoying warm temperatures and trying new ways to fool around in the snow. Check this video from today of a 'ski bike' jump:
Corey Brown shared Landon Parenteau's video.
So amped! I stomped a tailwhip on ski bike!!!!!"

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