Monday, July 02, 2012

Tornado Tuesday- Repeat or Ramp Up?

After a nearly stationary lightning storm last night, conditions are setting up for a possible repeat of last Tuesday's tornado in the same area. It seems that Old Wives Lake is becoming less of a fairy tail and more like a true tornado tale! Regina's lightning detector recorded one of the highest numbers of strikes in its history with a peak of 312 strikes per minute and nearly 100000 total strikes at last count. Reed Timmer posted last night that tomorrows models are suggesting that both major cities in Saskatchewan will be at risk to be hit by a powerful long track tornado by Tuesday evening. PSPC said today that the area most at risk will be just east of Moose Jaw and south of the Trans Canada highway sometime before dark. Chasers and spotters are now preparing for another busy day. Stay tuned for updates!


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