Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tornadoes In Alberta - FULL REPORT

Today was a great start to a forecasted two day event for severe weather across the Canadian Prairies. Several tornadoes were reported in central Alberta this evening. Stories and photos are just starting to come across the wire.

Global TV Edmonton

Calgary Herald

Also, as a treat we got to watch our first live stream of a storm chaser on the storm near Red Deer just as reports came in from RCMP of a tornado near Inisfail, AB watch and click on the highlights.

This just in:

Bergen Tornado - July 7th, 2011

and so much more posted on facebook, yahoo and twitter...

Tomorrow: Possible Moderate Risk Area centred over Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Many chasers headed to the area including Discovery Channel, @stormpics @FindTheTornado @reedtimmerTVN @xtrmtorndotours @canadogreg and likely many more...

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