Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Tornadoes Today!!!

Busy day on the Canadian Prairies today, weather wise.

First, incredible photos of this violent looking tornado that the local media like to call funnel clouds. Judge for yourself:

Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Funnel cloud spotted near Birch Hills

News Talk 650 Radio
Funnel cloud spotted in Birch Hills | News Talk 650 CKOM

Other reports of funnel clouds in south eastern Saskatchewan. One north of Wapella, and another near Quill Lakes that didn't touch the ground.

Then, a tornado was captured in Alberta near Medicine Hat.

"Environment Canada has confirmed a small funnel cloud touched down around 50 KM east of Medicine Hat Tuesday afternoon near Walsh. Meteorologists say the weather system was so small it didn't even hit their radar, but warn weather for Wednesday looks much more daunting.
Significant weather Meteorologist Brian Proctor says south eastern Alberta could see several small funnel clouds develop as strong storm cells pass through the region."

via CHAT Medicine Hat

Finally, to round out the day. The city of Regina was treated to a show at sundown as a mini thunderstorm cell came into the city as I got a chance to photograph it and get totally soaked in the downpour that followed. Video will be up tomorrow and you won't want to miss it. I captured a nice bolt of lighting in front of a wall cloud as it cruised over the downtown skyline.

Much more will be uploaded tomorrow. Click here for today's album.


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