Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Storms Ramping Up Today, Look Out For Tomorrow!

Widespread severe thunderstorms late this afternoon, strengthening into the evening and then running all night. Hot and humid air today will give rise to strong thunderstorms including supercells with golfball size hail and wind gusts up to 100km/hr. On Thursday morning, the remnants of today's storms will quickly emerge in south east Saskatchewan and move into southern Manitoba with near maximum force. This will be a dangerous situation. Areas from Yorkton to Winnipeg should prepare now for extremely severe weather tomorrow afternoon and into the evening.


Dereklee said...

Just curious as to why you chose eastern Alberta as your moderate risk as compared to that Alberta tornado watch group on Facebook favoring the Edmonton area?

Jared Mysko said...

I calls em like I see em... the models chose the spot, I just draw the map. Anyways, that system was moving east. Maybe their update was earlier than mine.