Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today's Outlook Map - Dangerous Weather Ahead!

Current conditions are showing a lot of potential with a strengthening southern gulf stream, cold front coming in from the west and lots of rain in the north. Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre mentions a possibility of tornadic supercells south west of Saskatoon later today. Otherwise, a straight line damaging wind event with supercells associated with the cold front will cross the province of Saskatchewan very quickly and land in southern Manitoba over night. Large hail and heavy rains are expected further north. Please head all warnings and take precautions. Loose objects should be secured, now and candles gathered/phones charged. This is a serious situation! Storms may not begin until late in the day but when they do, they are expected to cause damages with power outages likely in highly populated regions of Saskatchewan.

Here is the latest outlook map:

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