Friday, March 13, 2015

Foggy Fog!

Its a nice foggy day here in Regina today, quite often the fog comes before the storm, or in this case the hot sunshine comes out in the afternoon and we have great warmth and calm winds. A very rare occurrence for the middle of flat prairie country. The forecast is for a bit of a heat wave but it will only continue the rapid drying and melting of remaining snow and ice in Regina, while just west of here, the snow is long gone and areas such as Calgary, Medicine Hat, Moose Jaw, Swift Current and the state of Montana will see upper teens and near 20 degrees Celsius temperatures! 

All of this is good news for those who are sick of winter but for storm chasers, SDS (Severe Weather Deprivation Syndrome) is setting in hard. So far 0 (zero) tornadoes reported in the month of March and we have seen the longest stretch of no watch advisories since 1986. The year has started out as the quietest storm season ever. It is all going to hit at once? That is the biggest worry as you get that feeling, "It is just wayyy too quiet" just before the big one hits. So, where are all the storms? Check out this map from of the "World Map of Tropical Storms": 

4 tropical storms around Australia, where the big heat is still hiding.

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