Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Iqaluit Super Blizzard Update

With a reported 141km/hr wind gust and sustained winds over 100km/hr for the last 6 hours, Environment Canada has detailed a warning for the areas affected in Canada's north eastern territory of Nunavut. They are saying the center of the storm is expected to go over the capital region of Iqaluit tonight and winds should ease overnight but then re-fire in full intensity in the morning. Power has been going on and off in the region with roofs and building being torn apart. Many residents using twitter to update the world on this incredible weather phenomenon. Not the first time they get Super Blizzards but many saying it is the most powerful in many years.

CBC As It Happens posted this video from the scene this afternoon:

You can view tweets as they come in from the search term "Iqaluit" here:

Read the current warning from Environment Canada here

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