Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surprise Tornado Outbreak In Saskatchewan

Tornadoes and cold core funnel clouds were spotted across much of west central Saskatchewan Friday afternoon. From Biggar, Tramping Lake and Unity areas to Perdue and Asquith, all west of Saskatoon, spotters took videos and photos of all sorts of shapes and angles of tornadoes. One barn near Biggar was destroyed according to CTV. A video posted on CBC's website showed an amazing 3 tornadoes at once near Tramping Lake!

Tornado Near Tramping Lake, 2012 from Mark Mallett on Vimeo.

Tons of photos have been posted on the Facebook group "CanadianPrairieStormChasers" from Unity, Perdue and others, as the footage keeps rolling in. Some have said between 5 and 6 tornadoes have been confirmed but that number may rise or fall after an assessment from Environment Canada which could take a few days. Close to 100 photos have been posted at rough count so far but I would guess no less than 10 tornadoes occurred within the same area.

News articles:
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